How long can my child wear pumpkins?

How long can my child wear pumpkins?

In the world of smocked children’s clothing, there are seasons. One of our favorites is the time between October 1st and Thanksgiving. School has settled in, smocked apples have been retired but it isn’t time for smocked Christmas quite yet. This is the stretch of the year when pumpkins are worn, it's actually the longest of all the smocked seasons.

Since it can be challenging to know if you're dressing your little ones in the proper things at the proper times we’ve decided to go ahead and break down the rest of the year for you:

The start of the school year is all about smocked apples, crayons, pencils and more! Anything related to school; these outfits are perfect for meet the teacher or that cherished first day of school photo.

The first day of official fall often brings cooler weather as we transition into pumpkins. Pumpkins do not stop with Halloween! Your little ones can continue to wear these darling fall options until thanksgiving. 

After Thanksgiving, the most wonderful time of the year begins and it’s all about candy canes, wreaths and Santa Clause. These festive pieces can be worn until January 6th.

Once the twelfth night of Christmas has passed, it’s time for hearts! Valentines smocking can be worn from late January through Valentine’s Day.

Then it’s time for Spring... chicks, ducks, bunnies, flowers and all things Easter can be worn until Summer!

Once May arrives and brings warmer temperatures, your little ones can wear sweet smoked Summer options: beaches, boats and seashells.

And just like that... we return to school and start the smocked calendar again!
Janel Perez

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