"How Do I Dress A Boy?"

"How Do I Dress A Boy?"

 A sentiment we often hear is, “I don’t know how to dress a boy” so, this week we’ll talk all-things-boy. 

We mentioned a few weeks ago that babies grow in a predictable pattern, from head to toe and center of body to extremities. So, we suggest following that growth pattern to take the guess work out of #howtodressalittleboy. 

As newborns, babies stay curled up and mimic in utero position for the first several weeks. It is closer to the 2 to 3 month mark that they begin to extend their legs for longer periods of time. So, a day gown is the perfect option for these youngest ones (this is true for boy and girl). Save your sanity by skipping the snaps on footies during this timeframe. A day gown and a diaper cover is the sweetest option. Add a blanket over them in their car seat, if it’s brisk or cool weather. 

As babies age, and around 11 pounds (usually around 3 months of age) they can begin to fill out clothing. A bubble works beautifully from 3 to at least 12 months, but certainly feel free to wear bubbles to 24 months. From 3 to 12 months, a bubble is a precious option because typically their legs are still skinny. A jonjon on a baby at this age doesn’t always look proportionate. (Of course there are exceptions to this. If your baby has chunky legs or you pick a brand that cuts a shorter leg). 

Once you have a walker, or around 12/18 months, the jonjon is the preferred option. A jonjon is a short-leg, one piece article of clothing for a boy. During Fall, he’ll need a shirt underneath it. During summer he does not. Fun fact:  the term jonjon is from John F Kennedy, Jr. His nickname was Jon Jon and he often wore this style so, voila, the name stuck.  Nothing is as cute as a little boy in a jonjon because it fits their little bodies perfectly. When a jonjon has a long leg, it’s called a long all and is worn in Fall and Winter.  Long all’s are hard for babies to wear in sizes 3, 6, and 9 months because their legs are not long enough yet. Stick with a bubble and a knee-high up to 12 months. Jonjons and long all’s are available up to size 3T and sometimes 4T. 

Once kiddos are potty trained, and as they transition out of one piece options, switch to pull on pants with tops. An elastic waist pull-on pant paired with a cute turtle neck is easy-peasy and looks pulled together.  During Spring & Summer, a pull on gingham short with a smocked or appliquéd shirt is a wardrobe staple. For church, we love a dressy short set or an Eton suit. 

Bottom line is this...boys have their whole life to wear button down shirts and khakis pants. Take advantage of all of the cute options while they are young. Embrace their childlike innocence and dress them sweetly for as long as you can.

Janel Perez

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