"Tights or knee highs?"

"Tights or knee highs?"

Rather than answer that question directly, allow us to offer guidelines for all three options: tights, knee highs and the sweet turn down sock. 

A white microfiber tight will always be the dressiest option and will work with just about any style of outfit: dresses, jumpers, skirts and even bubbles. The microfiber tight is year round and white is the best option because ecru pulls too yellow, most of the time. 

The organic solid white tight is a great option for colder weather; the perfect tight if you need dressy and warmth. It’s also a great choice for school since it’s more durable than a microfiber. 

A cable knit tight pairs beautifully with corduroy jumpers or dresses, cord shorts or if you want to add texture to a warm outfit. Think corduroy jumper, turtleneck and a cable knit tight. 

Knee highs are adorable as long as there is enough space between the hem of the clothing and the top of the sock. You definitely want to see skin between the two. Knee highs are super cute with bubbles and work well for boy or girl. Again, a microfiber knee high is for Spring/Summer and special occasion and the thicker knee high is for Fall, generally speaking. 

Then there’s the ever popular turn down sock. We prefer the eyelet turn down for girl and the picot trimmed for boy or girl.    The turn down sock should be worn with a bishop (as opposed to a knee high) and can be worn with just about any other style available. It is the absolute sweetest detail for a young child. 

For any of the above options, white pairs nicely with a white shoe and white is appropriate year round for children. 

Keep the questions coming!  



Photos by John Cain Studio

Janel Perez


Janel Perez

Love this answer! You covered it all expertly!

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